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What is Print On Demand Business?

Print on Demand business offers customized products to your customers. The products may range from t-shirts, coffee mugs, hoodies, socks, backpacks, laptop cases, phone cases, and canvas.

In print on demand business, you have an e-commerce store where you will showcase the customized product design catalogs on your website.

You will work with a supplier who will take care of the printing, shipping, and packaging of the product based on per order

placed under your brand or store.

Here you don’t have to buy everything and keep an inventory. You will only pay to the supplier on a per order basis when you have sold a product on the website.

In POD, After the sale, the rest other things are taken care of by the supplier. When the sale happens on the website, the order fulfillment takes only a few clicks for you to do the settings on your eCommerce store.

Order fulfillment is a process of receiving product information from the eCommerce store and send to the supplier for processing and delivering orders to customers.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of print on demand business

Advantages Of Print On Demand

1) you have to design the product, which allows you to create products quickly and add them to the website for sale.

2)No need to worry about shipping and delivery, which will be taken care of by the supplier. You will have to take care of customer service.

3) As you are only showcasing the product designs. You may change the products anytime you want and add new products on the site easily and test which products work better because you do not own inventory, which puts you at lower risk and low investment.

Disadvantages Of Print On Demand

1) As the print-on-demand business works on a per order basis. The cost per item will be higher compared to bulk products, so the profit margin will be thinner depending on how you acquire customers and price the products.

2)You don’t ship here, and you are not having any control over it. Shipping costs may vary depending on different products.

3) You will have limited options to customize, depending on the product and the vendor. 

Who can do print on demand business?

Any adult who is above 18years can get started with print on demand business. You might be a student or a professional you can start an eCommerce business in 10-15 days if you follow the step by step process.

How To Choose Your Niche and Products in Print on Demand Business?

There are two ways you might focus on print on demand niche what products you will sell will become product niche or which topics you will sell your products on will become subject niche.

Product Niche

In the product niche, you will decide before what type of products you will sell. It might be on funny quotes t-shirts which will appeal to your buyers. The Buyers may relate to the funny quotes T-shirts.

You will focus on single products such as t-shirts or hoodies.

Subject Niche

In Subject Niche, you will choose various trending topics such as pets. You will create a wide range of Print On Demand Products that relate to this subject niche.

First, while getting started, you have to pick a profitable niche for you to succeed. Make a list of things you like, such as hobbies, pets, travel, biking, Sports, and many more. You should make sure that your niche should be a micro niche where you can attract the broader niche audience into your micro-niche.

You can go and search on google trends about your niche and find out how many people have an interest in your micro-niche. The number of audiences and searches gives you an idea to stick to the micro-niche you have chosen or find something else.

Search Facebook for groups or pages based on your micro-niche, and how many followers does the micro-niche has on Instagram.

Once you finalize the niche, now we find product ideas based on the micro-niche.

Where To Find T-shirt Design Inspirations

A pod design should be unique, should not be available in any shops, should be relatable, funny, and should have a wow factor.

For design inspiration for pod products, search on google for niche (eg:-pet Tshirts), check the websites which are on the top list, and get the inspiration. You may search on Pinterest as well and Etsy for design inspirations.

Amazon’s Best Selling Products – Amazon best selling gives you an idea what people are interested in what topics

eBay’s Trending Products – check out the best selling t-shirts in ebay

Etsy’s Best Selling Items- etsy has huge varieties of niche t-shirts you may check that as well.

Best Selling Product Types in Print On Demand.

The best selling products in POD are t-shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs, canvas, backpacks, laptop cases, and phone case.

How to design your Print On Demand T-shirts and what tool to use.

For your Pod designs, You may use the Canva tool to create your designs.

How to hire a graphic designer On Fiverr

Go to fiverr, create a free account and search for graphic designers . select your budget and search for graphic t shirt designers. Choose a designer who has good reviews and delivery time.

Kindly note: Do not Copy Anyone’s design and add it to your website.

Free tools to generate a domain name or business name.

Shopify Business Name Generator

Shopify offers  a free business name generator which is very easy to use you juts have to give your ideas and shopify will generate a business or domain name for your store.

Name Mesh

Helps you to check availability of the wide varities of TLDs, including  com, net, Org. and other popular TLDs like it, co, io, it, mobile, me, ly, etc. Here you can generate domains by mixing in other words and suffixes.

Business Name Generator

Business name generator gives a step by step guide on how to choose a domain name.

What is the best e-commerce platform to start an online store in India?

The two best eCommerce platforms are Shopify and woocommerce

For Shopify, you will have to choose a starter plan and start with a basic free theme, or if you have the budget, you may go for premium Shopify themes.

You may purchase a domain from Shopify, Namecheap, or GoDaddy. You can connect your domain to Shopify, install the theme, which you like, and start customizing it.

For woocommerce, you will have to buy a hosting plan from Bluehost, Dreamhost, Hostinger, or Siteground. Then you purchase a domain from any mentioned above domain registrars and add it to hosting and install

WordPress and install the woocommerce plugin and themes on WordPress.

If you are new to website designing, go with Shopify, and if you know about WordPress, go with woocommerce.

Free Branding & Logo Generators

Hatchful For Shopify Stores

Hatchful is an online logo maker that helps you create better designs. It’s pretty simple to use and lets you customize your logo based on your preferences.


Zyro’s logo maker helps you turn your creative ideas into reality. You’ll be able to customize every element of your logo, from icon to size and text.

Best Woocommerce Hosting For POD stores

Bluehost, Dreamhost, Hostinger, or Siteground have the best woocommerce hosting for print-on-demand e-commerce stores.


Bluehost is the official recommended hosting provider for WordPress and Woocommerce.


Dreamhost provides the best and most affordable hosting for your Ecommerce needs.

For WordPress recommended themes

Astra,Generatepress,Divi, Nivi

For WordPress recommended Plugins

page designing – elementor plugin

For cache and minifying CSS and javascript – wp rocket, wp optimize, wp

super cache, Auto optimize

For SEO – Yoast, Rankmath SEO. All in one SEO.

Google Site Kit to connect search console & analytics

Security Plugins – Wordfence, Defender, Sucuri, iThemes Security

Jetpack Security.

POD Supplier (USA) plugins – Printify or Printful

For Shopify recommended free themes

Debut, Simple, Debutify, Brooklyn, Narrative, Boundless

For Shopify best-recommended apps

proveway – Paypal tracking numbers automation tool

smsbump -Best Free text message marketing app

klaviyo-Best Free Email marketing app

POD Supplier (USA) apps – Printify or Printful

Tinypng-compress images for faster website speed

Photoshop: to edit images

After the installations of plugins and themes on woocommerce or Shopify depending on your choice.

Now we add your logo to the website and design the website and add the necessary pages.

Home Page,Contact Us,About Us,Privacy Policy,Payments Page,Terms & Conditions,Shipping Policy,Refund Policy,Return Policy. Make sure that you are adding all the above pages before launching your site.

How to Choose a Print On Demand supplier

To start with your print-on-demand business, you will have to choose a supplier. Many Pod suppliers have plugins that you can integrate with woocommerce and Shopify so that you can connect your store with your supplier and makes order processing and handling a hassle-free process.

The two industry major suppliers who work with both woocommerce and Shopify are Printful and Printfy.

How To Fulfill an order with Printful

You may find a detailed explanation of Printful how to fulfill an order.

How to Fulfill an order with Printify

You may find a detailed explanation of Printify how to fulfill an order.

Mockup Generator tool for your Print On Demand designs.

You may use the placeit tool to create beautiful mockups of your merchandise and add them to your store.

How to promote our Print On Demand Store.

Now that your website is live with all the designs and mockups and integrations with Printful or Printfy. You will have to start the POD store promotions.

Join all the social media platforms. You will create Facebook pages, Instagram pages, Twitter page, and youtube channel and start letting the world know about your business.

Join Facebook groups related to your niche and start posting your products in those groups.

Use the relevant hashtags on your Instagram page for your products.

Optimize your site with search engine optimization (SEO) – which will help you rank in top pages of google search results.

Write top-notch content for product descriptions and use customer reviews and testimonials for a positive experience.

Run paid ads on google and Facebook and check the performance of the sales, experiment optimize, and scale the business.

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