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Social Media Marketing Tips

10 Easy Social Media Marketing Tips For Beginner

Social Media Marketing Tips

What is Social media marketing?

Social media marketing is a marketing process where you create awareness about yourself or your services.

It can even be the products you want to sell or promote your online business.

By using various social media marketing channels, you are educating your audience & making them aware of your products.

Why One has to Choose Social Media Marketing?

The Outcome of every social media marketing campaign is to promote your business or services to your community.

You could have an end goal in mind while creating a social media marketing campaign is to generate traffic & drives sales for your business or services.

The Benefits of using social media marketing regularly are

You can increase your brand visibility to your audience, build a fanbase & promote your products to your social media followers.

Social media marketing can make your brand globally popular.

Why social media Is Crucial for Any Business These days

Social Media is Crucial Because:

 It is the easiest & Fastest way to interact with your audience personally. 

Create awareness about you or your service or products. 

A campaign can go viral and skyrocket your sales for your products or services.

Social media has a vast audience and reaches millions in days, which the traditional old media can’t do.

Trends:- Millions of people are following the trends on social media, which you can take advantage of by joining the social media trend.

As a business owner or an individual, you can utilize the trends and create a post or video related to the social media trends and drive traffic to your brand or products.

In age-old traditional media, massive billboards were placed on the buildings to attract people as the majority of the people used to spend their time driving.

Now in the internet era, if you see the majority of the world’s population is spending time on one or the other social media platforms. Social media is the new marketing.

Market researchers have found that social media marketing is the best platform to drive the sales of any business. 

List the Social Media Platforms on which you want to build your online presence.

Initially, when you are starting with social media as a beginner.

 You could stick to one of the two social media platforms from your list.

Make Sure that you are not focusing on all the social media platforms available out there.

Figure Out your market trends and search google trends about your industry.

Find out what your competitors in your industry are doing on social media platforms.

If your Competitors have major followers on Facebook and less on Twitter, Then you should focus on Facebook.

You will have good reach and success with Facebook as your industry audience is on Facebook.

Optimizing Your Social Media handles

Once you have chosen your social media platform, the next thing to do is to optimize your social media profiles.

Optimizing your social media profiles & pages will increase the chances of getting more followers.

Few things to keep in mind while optimizing your profile.

Use the Brand logo of your business or your Real photo on your profile. People are on social media trying to build connections where they could relate to your or your brand, and they would like to meet real people.

Write an accurate description of your brand or about yourself. You can write about What services you provide, and what motivates your business, what are your company values, and in your profile, you can talk about your expertise.

Educate your audience about your products, services. Let your audience know what type of content are you going to share with them.

Add a Website link on your company pages and where ever applicable. Utilize the about section in Facebook pages, on Twitter & Pinterest under the website section.

Connecting Your Social media Pages With Blogs & Websites

Once your Social media pages are ready, you can now connect your social media pages with your website.

You may follow the procedure provided by the social media companies on how to connect your website to social media pages.

Connecting your website to your social media pages builds trust and an online presence for your brand and your profile as well.

  • Facebook
  • Pintrest
  • Twitter

Adding Social Media Icons To Your Website

After connecting your website with social media pages, you may also add social media icons on top of the website and the blog posts section.

 Users can share your content on their social media profiles.

For WordPress websites, there are many plugins available on the net you may search which plugin you like, and you can add social media icons using that.

Figure Out the influencers in your niche and follow them on social media. 

At this stage, we have figured out which social media platform to use.

We Learnt how to optimize your social media profile for business and personal. 

We have discussed how to connect your website to your social media pages and how to add social media icons to the website.

Find the influencers in your niche and follow them, and build your audience slowly.

Initially, it will take time for you to build followers, and no influencer is going to follow you instantly.

Once you start following an influencer. Social media platforms will provide you with suggestions on whom to follow.

You may also follow the people who are following the influencer as they belong to your niche.

Once you follow the influencer and people in your niche, you might get insights & learn from the content they share and reshare it with your audience.

Maintain The balance between Followers and Following

There should always be a healthy balance between followers and following.

Make sure not to follow too many people on a single day on Twitter & Pinterest.

Following too many people on a single day could get your account banned for malicious activity.

Twitter & Pinterest Will ban your account for malicious activity.

Sharing Valuable Content( images, videos, infographics & texts)

Content is the main key factor for your social media growth.

You can start posting valuable content on your profile. 

People who belong in your niche will notice that and start following you on your social media platforms.

What type of content is valuable

  • Interesting facts about any product
  • Guide on how to use a product.
  • trending topics in your niche
  • facts & Statistics in your niche
  • Research 
  • Images & Videos
  • Humorous Content
  • Hashtags
Posting regularly on your social media platform

Common Questions people have is when to post on social media.

It varies from network to network.

Facebook personal page- 2-3 Times a day

Facebook business page -1-2 Times a day

Twitter:- The more you tweet, the more engagement you get

Pinterest:- few times a day

Instagram: 2 posts a day, 1 Reels video & Few Stories a day.

Make sure that you follow back the users who are following you.

Have patience and focus on building your social media presence one step per day.

Eventually, You will have a niche audience, who would be interested in your content and will be eager to hear from you. 

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